Contestants in categories Infantile, Juvenile, Young Artist and Senior can play a free choice program in the 1st Round and Final Round, respecting the time limits. The contestants of the Senior category will choose a concert to be interpreted in the Final Round.

Infantile Category A: ages 10 and under

1st Round: Maximum 5 minutes.
Final Round: 5 minutes and maximum 10 minutes.

Infantile Category B: ages 11 – 13

1st Round: Maximum 10 minutes.
Final Round: Maximum 10 minutes.

Juvenile Category: ages 14 – 16

1st Round: Maximum 10 minutes.
Final Round: Minimum 10 minutes and maximum 15 minutes.

Young Artist Category: ages 17 – 19

1st Round: Maximum 15 minutes.
Final Round: Minimum 20 minutes and maximum 30 minutes.

Senior Category: 20 – 35

1st Round: Max. 15 minutes.
2nd Round: Max. 35 minutes.
Final Round: Piano Concert.
La Rioja International Piano Competition Orchestra.

The contestants must choose one Concert from the ones detailed below:
J. S. Bach: All of them
J. Haydn: Piano Concert in D major, F major and G major
W. A. Mozart: All of them
L. van Beethoven: All of them
F. Chopin: Concerts n. 1 and n. 2
F. Mendelssohn: Piano Concert in A minor
R. Schumann: Piano Concert in A minor
F. Liszt: Piano Concerts n. 1 and n. 2.
E. Grieg: Piano Concert in A minor
P. I. Tchaikovsky: Piano concert n. 1
S. Rachmaninov: Piano concert n. 2 and n. 3
S. Prokofiev: Piano concert n. 1 and n. 3

No work played during any previous round can be repeated.
The works will be executed by heart and without repetitions.
Individual parts of the same work are permitted in any of both rounds.
Changes in submitted repertoire or running order may be made only with permission of the Competition Artistic Committee.
No changes will be accepted after September 23.